On a Whim Boutique
Anne Gericke
Anne Gericke is a German Jewelry designer.
 Known for her dioramas. Miniaturized flowers
and sceens cover by clear glass. beautiful and unique.


"Right after finishing her training as a goldsmith Anne Gericke founded her own studio in Munich. 2003 she opened the shop and workshop „tragbar“ with Sarah Lierl on Zenettistraße 33, Munich.

„Anne Gericke’s search for new forms of expression centers around the representational nature of jewelry right from the start, around its ironic and playful possibilities of staging. In her jewelry-objects a small magic world comes alive, leaving no beholder unaffected. Her jewelry line is smart, questions consolidated structures and is a reassurance to think the novel.“

Ann Gericke’s design is a playful but self confident answer to the question of contemporary jewelry. Even after many years she enjoys watching peoples’ delighted faces when looking at her jewelry-objects."


"I found the miniature flowers in a toy shop with dollhouses. From the organic gestalt of the flowers the round shape evolved and hence is the perfect complement for the square objects of my first collection.

The frames are made from 935/silver or 750/gold and closed with a delicate pane from acryl glass. A steel or silver wire with a bayonet joint or a fine string of pearls can be used with it."


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