On a Whim Boutique

VStyle Productions

James Vernor’s designs are inspired by today’s fashions on the runway. His designs easily update any wardrobe and work just as well with daytime casual as they do dressed up for evening sophistication.

The flowers with their gentle falling petals follow the return of prints and florals this season. Color pairings include important color trends – blues, greens and turquoise are combined to inspire a relaxing, seaside feel while orange, camel and cream blend together for a soft, natural look. Bold patterns abound this year and James’ repeat stripe pieces are a sleek interpretation of this trend.

A Michigan native, James Vernor’s family is well known – his great, great, great grandfather created Vernor’s Ginger Ale in Detroit during the civil war. Inspired to create his own business, James studied glass blowing and perfected his skills right out of high school. A true artist, James is also an accomplished sound engineer and has recorded all genres of music in professional recording studios.

His hand-made jewelry pieces are all created in his Minneapolis studio and have attracted consistent praise for their unique style, quality and beauty.
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