On a Whim Boutique
Judie Bomberger

Artist Judie Bomberger, has had a creative drive since she was young. Using metal collected from a scrap yard and a borrowed torch she began bringing to life the designs that had been percolating for years- - the resonating theme is strong- joyful, whimsical and just for the fun of it. In fact, the most common comment we hear regarding her work is "This artwork just makes me smile."

Judie worked for nine years in collaboration with Cirque Du Soleil creating steel sculptures and ornaments depicting their performers. In addition she was licensed to create a collectible series of metal sculptures commemorating the classic Beatles film Yellow Submarine.  More recently Judie has been drawn to working with clay, molding three dimensional jesters, dancers, mermaids, dogs, cats, fish and hanging puppets that look like paper machie. Not leaving the metal behind completely, her folk art inspired clocks are cut from metal and use such details as wires and rivets. Each one of Judie's works of art has a name and many a story as well. Hers is a family run business with grandchildren often running about in the studio.
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